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Aloe Cure Comments

m1a2r3y4 says: (4 years ago)
I ordered from Aloe Cure and was charged for the product before it was shipped. I called customer service and was given the run around about how the computer did not know if the product was backordered. Today is Dec.16th and I was charged on Dec 4th. I have not received any communication from you about any delay or that I have already been charged. I tried to ask the representative for my order number and she hung up on me. Not at all pleased with your customer service.

unhappy7249 says: (5 years ago)
It is unfortunate that innocent people are being victimized by deceptive practices. I tried to get a RMD to return the product inasmuch as I could not tolerate the product. The customer service rep "fast talked" his way into making me believe that I didn't have to return it, thereby saving the $15 S&H cost. He said he would refund the price less the $14.98 shipping. My account was only credited $14.98 rather than the $44.98. I will contact the Better Business Bureau to file a report and also see if the FTC can do anything about it.

jackie35 says: (5 years ago)
This is not a Company that you want to deal with, you will recieve the product even after you cancel and even if you never open it and send it back, they don't want to refund your money. I cancelled with in the trial period and was told I had til the end of the next month. I said no I was having terrible stomack pain, they sent another order. I called then because I looked at my Bank Statement and saw they had charged me abother $74. dolars, I told then I would not except it and would send it back, they refused a full refund. I am still working on it.

bozodeniro says: (5 years ago)
I'm trying Aloe Cure now for the first time. But I refused to buy their standard 6-bottle order for $69 plus S&H, and agreed only to accept their 2-bottle sample order for $29, and it may or may not be working for me, I can't tell, I've always had bouts of GERD and acid-reflux that I always recover from, so it's hard to tell what provides the relief, I'd consider ordering more Aloe Cure at their discount testimonial rate, but after they tack back on the S&H, it's still way too pricey for me. All I know for sure is that the hideously high price of Aloe Cure gives me as much heart burn as any bout I've had with acid reflux.

lamoman says: (6 years ago)
I have good luck with Aloe Cure, it helped my GERD, helped my IBS, and some help with a chronic cough. However, I have now developed phantom smells, not pleasent, like something that has burned??!! Has anyone else experienced this?? I hate to give it up.

marli24 says: (6 years ago)
Please do not send another shipment. Does not work for mr. Esophageal irritation inccreased. Also usually refrain from ingesting substances made in China. Would like to return unused bottles.

chandra says: (7 years ago)
genrerally it works but not necessary to spend this much on this product. Try to buy in local store without flavours some where in vitamin shop. It will help to some extent

rauchen says: (7 years ago)
Just read the ad for free trial of Aloecure. Looked up this site and I am glad I did. As the old saying goes, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". I might try GNC for Aloe juice, but at least I wont be hooked into some underhanded contract.

paroc says: (7 years ago)
You "saved" dollars by placing two cases in one box.....but, many of the outer boxes were torn and some arrived with dimpled containers. Next time send individual cases (if a similar order is placed). The product seems to be helping and is minimizing my dosage of aciphex.

TEDDYCREAMY says: (7 years ago)
This stuff is a rip don't buy. A bunch of BIG FAKES!

lsjensen says: (7 years ago)
Buyer beware,,,,,I was ripped off!!!!!
I was put on auto-ship and my card was charged LONG before it ever came. I called the company and was told to just return it if had been unopened and I would receive a credit. Well, I ended up getting very sick, was hospitalized and did not immediately return it. When I was able to do it, the returned date at the warehouse was 4 days beyond my so called 30 day return period. (not what I was told). Now they say I am ineligible for return. I am disabled and am on a very limited income. This is a major scam!!!!!! I was told to just return it unopened which I did but thankfully also got a delivery confirmation which I paid for. NEVER did anyone tell me at the time that I had 30 days from the time of delivery, nor did they tell me that I needed an RMA. They need to check their recording of the call.

Cranelegs says: (8 years ago)
I feel bad for those of you who turned over your credit cards so trustingly. Next time stop by Fibomercials and Scams before falling prey to pay.

mannagirl says: (8 years ago)
I have searched the home page and NO where does it claim that the aloe has been stabilized. Therefore it won't work. I know the company that owns the patent for the stabilization of the aloe cells. Lots of companies are getting in trouble for these false claims. So beware!!

k2theb says: (9 years ago)
I think that aloecure is great, Ive talked to numerous people who think the same. I thought that Id be able to find the same stuff in a local store, but little did I know the purity and contents are different. So all of those who think you know--do your research!!!!

SusanB says: (9 years ago)
Same here, so much for a "free trial" such a rip off, you would think they would let you decide if you wanted more if it worked for you. ofcourse you can return it and they will refund the 79.95 and not the shipping so this way they get you for 14.95 x 3 for 2 small bottles that you can but at any health food store. live and learn!!!

A3DSAIL says: (9 years ago)
My 85 year old mother was deceived by the lure of a "free trial" on the AloeCure web site and missed the fine print at the bottom of the web page indicating she would be billed nearly $100 a month for product that would be automatically sent to her. Be wary of free trials, especially when they need your credit card number — the smaller the print, the larger the consequences. AloeCure may be a good product, but it is now on my published list of deceptive scam sites.

weisjf says: (9 years ago)
I got it and it worked for a few days and then had no affect on me at all. Turned out it was more likely the few days was what it took for my prescription to stop working on me. Unfortunately the main product web site was very misleading at the time of my order and they kept sending me their product for $10 more than advertised after I notified them I wanted to stop. Then they stated I had to send it back with my shipping, which including shipping to me, was $40 total. Not good.

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